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We are a bespoke Cryptocurrency brokerage for private and institutional investors specialising in the facilitation of buy/sell orders, wallet creation/management and secure cold storage.

With years of expertise in navigating the cryptocurrency markets, we are able to provide our clients with a simple solution to invest in and trade crypto currencies.

About Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a fast evolving, highly volatile asset class. Cryptocurrencies and block chain technology are set to revolutionise global payment structures.

It is the most exciting asset of the 21st century and we aim to remove the complex barriers to entry faced by potential investors.

The cryptocurrency markets are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we are available 7 days a week to fulfil our clients requirements.

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Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry.”

Rick Falkvinge


Most frequent questions and answers

We simplify the market for our clients. We take care of every step of the journey from the acquisition to the transfer to storage and sale of the cryptocurrency.

It can be, but with our years of expertise and connections in the financial world we have simplified and streamlined this process for our clients.

Our clients’ security is of paramount importance to us. We have a dedicated team who ensures encryption of your valuable assets to safeguard your investment. We specialise in cold storage which is held securely offline.

With London Crypto Brokerage, we offer a personalised telephone brokerage service. We will securely process your payments and facilitate the purchase of your desired cryptocurrency. The minimum deposit is £200.

who we are

Why LCB?​


We serve to simplify the process of entering this complex market as a private of institutional investor. Our team has years of experience and expertise in trading and more specifically cryptocurrency markets.


For our clients, we are able to access multiple exchanges ensuring that they receive the most competitive price possible.


We value our clients and we will cater to your needs and ensure that you will receive one-to-one financial assistance. Our relationship begins with a courtesy phone call where we aim to find out about you and your financial needs and aspirations.


Protecting your investment is priority at London Crypto Brokerage. Unlike other brokerage services, we are able to provide physical storage options for your assets ensuring complete security.

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